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Marion on Birthday Bash
what a great shot!!!! Looks like a ton of fun - you guys had :)

Sandrine on We're Engaged!!
Great moment captured!!!!

e. on We're Engaged!!
this photo is so full of joy! congratulations! =)

Howard F. on Why Lie?
Well, honesty goes a long way, I would definitely buy a man a drink :) Nice street shot.

pintob on We're Engaged!!
why ever since you got engaged have you not posted any pics?

Tracey on We're Engaged!!
I am so happy for you, Josh! Congratulations! That is some ring she has on. Best wishes for a long and happy life ...

Leslie Horacek on We're Engaged!!
Congratulations to you both, what a great capture of a special moment!

Magda on Crash

Magda on Carrier
Such precious moment captured!

Magda on A Little Breezy

Magda on Flight of the Baron
Great capture! So fun and colourful!

Modoc on Alison and Brambles
Oh! I remember this baby face! I love this picture, Josh! I like the way she is looking back into the picture!

Modoc on We're Engaged!!
Wonderful! Wonderful! You compliment each other beautifully! So happy this is happening to you both - to all of us!

kacey on Smirk
yeah this picture is classic drew :)

Griselda on We're Engaged!!
You guys are awesome! The bond that you are soon to share as husband and wife will be such a blessing and miracle for ...

PD on We're Engaged!!
Congrats Josh and Alison! I heard the story from Grandpa - but glad to see this picture! Agree with Larry - that rock ...

Ben Wideman on We're Engaged!!
You two are great. I'm so happy for you.

Marion on We're Engaged!!
Congratulations Josh and Alison. You make a beautiful couple. May God richly bless both of you.

angie raskin (josh's Mom) on We're Engaged!!
I am SO HAPPY for you both! And, also delighted that Alison will soon be my daughter-in-law! Such a sweetheart; and ...

dad on We're Engaged!!
took me awhile to focus on the picture as my eyes were blinded by the glare off the hugh stone in the ring! mom and I ...

Bill on We're Engaged!!
Congratulations Josh and Alison! My love to you both! Hope to see you soon. All my love.. Grandpa!

Eleftheria on Flight of the Baron

Eleftheria on A Little Breezy
Another beautiful one!

Eleftheria on Carrier
Lovely portraits!

PD on Comfort
Josh - I was out over the weekend - and just saw these photos of this couple. i think this one is my favorite. You ...

Paula Camps on Flight of the Baron
Nice composition

Bill on Flight of the Baron
Really cool shot of a really cool kite Josh! Great composition and even though it may be a bit over saturated I think ...

Ron on A Little Breezy
A terrific, passionate moment, Josh ... the B&W is perfect, here ... I like it best of the three ... ron

enna on Sub/Urban
almost no noize at iso 400... i didn't know d40 could do that.... :)

enna on Why Lie?
too bad few people understand honesty nowadays...

enna on A Little Breezy
how can you say you've got no reason... there are reasons all around this photo....

Chris on A Little Breezy
all of these have been really good - makes me want to try some candid portraits......

Mark on A Little Breezy
fantastic b & w love it

Bill on A Little Breezy
A great capture Josh! Looks like these kids are getting serious!

shirofugen on Carrier
Happy Valentine! Very nice shot!

Sarito on Carrier
Beautiful shot!

Marion on Carrier
What a beautiful and joyous image. Perfect for Valentine's Day!!

rose on Carrier
very beautiful !

Jen on Comfort
Beautiful candid. I love the simplicity of B&W.

Hema Iyer on Comfort
Beautiful shot.

Bill on Comfort
Very nicely done Josh! This is a sweet kind of comfort.

Swetha Iyer on Comfort
I love everything about this picture here, the stark contrast of the black and the white (Life!!), the smooth feel of ...

Chris on Comfort
a wonderful expression that you captured. Very nice composition and extremely effective in b&w.....

Pranav on Comfort
What a beautiful shot! It really makes me feel the happiness the couple is enjoying...

Bill on The Tango
They look like they are having fun.... even if cold! Nice shot Josh!

Chris on The Tango
how cute - and wonderful composition.....a really pretty shot (although it does look cold).

Marion on The Tango
Love the mood.

Alison on Smirk
This is very Drew...good job Josh

Ron on Smirk
Great informal portrait, Josh

Bill on Smirk
Great portrait Josh!

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